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Plant Nursery & Landscaping Services

Reiff's Nursery has an immaculate selection of Nursery Stock. Some of Our Most Popular Items are Knock-Out Roses, Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Arborvitaes, Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, & More.  Come Pick Your Own Shrubs or Bring Your Designer. We Work with Many of the Local Landscapers so You Can Shop With Them Selecting the Plants You Love That Will Fit Into Your Design.

Shrubbery and Trees

This is the hardest part of our operation to describe due to the immaculate selection.  From inexpensive 1 Gallon Shrubs to some of the finest West Coast specimens.  Our nursery division's most popular items include:  Knockout Roses, Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Rhododendron, Arborvitaes, Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, & Shade Trees.

Landscape Services

We offer several options of landscaping service....

1. In-Yard Design by appointment or when possible.  We design your planting in our nursery for you to see before you purchase. There is no charge for this service

2. Standard Design:  Bring us photos of your planting areas along with measurements and we will design your landscape for you on a rough draft with a deposit.  The deposit is refunded when you purchase your plants from our nursery.

3. Onsite Planting & Design:  We will meet you at the site and design the planting while checking things like soil quality.  We can do complete planting with hardscaping.  A deposit for the design is required but this is refunded when you purchase all your plants from our nursery.  Planting fees apply.

Please call or stop in for more details!

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